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Domain Name Multi Year Registrations Renewals Transfers Min. Year
.com $14.97 $14.97 1 Year
.net $20.25 $20.25 1 Year
.org $18.86 $18.86 1 Year
.co $37.50 $37.50 1 Year
.info $25.68 $25.68 1 Year
.network $24.00 $24.00 1 Year
.biz $21.03 $21.03 1 Year
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A web domain name is a sequence of letters and/or numbers/hyphens separated by one or more periods (".") that act as a pointer to a unique numerical address (IP) on a computer network such as the Internet. That address may host publicly available content (e.g a web site), or may be a private intranet.

A web domain name always ends with an extension of 2 or 3 characters. These characters can signify the country the website address is associated with or the type of organization; but this isn't always the case - more on that below.
As of now, you can only get a .COM, .NET, .ORG for free with your hosting plan.
It's pretty simple, you can enable auto-renewals where domain-name renewal invoices are automatically paid via your already-setup payment method.
Or you can simply pay the renewal invoice manually.
Once a domain goes into the redemption period it can be obtained by other parties. You may still be able to redeem the domain for up to 30-days by logging into your account and filling out a ticket in our Support system. The fee for reactivating a domain in the Redemption Period is $99.95 + the normal renewal fee. At the end of the Redemption Period the domain(s) will go into a 5-day delete cycle at the end of which they will become available for anyone to register.
This is probably because the email addresses on the contacts for each domain are different. To consolidate all of your renewal notices to arrive at one email be sure that your contact information is consistent for each domain.

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