We are an international company that offer Web Hosting solutions and Web Services. HaleServer was established by 2 of Ex-GameHost Russia Corporate Employees, 2 Of the best employees that brought up GameHost Ru from the ground up. HaleServer provides Web Hosting Solutions like no other company.. for an example, HaleServer went for NVMe infused servers to provide extreme speeds and stability to clients.

HaleServer doesn't only provide web hosting, we offer Web Services such as Web Design, & SEO. HaleServer also partnered with Nova Emporia (A Marketing Online Company) to provide visitor boosts to all its customers. HaleServer Loves you back!

Employees here are multi-cultural, from different countries (12 different countries). We here at HaleServer believe that everyone should have a chance in success, so we went to unemployed people with skills and employed them. We also invested over $60,000 in companies like Nova Emporia to get them where they need to be. & Now Nova Emporia is one of the best local advertising companies in Jordan.


The manpower that brought HaleServer to life.

Dr. M. Malkawi

Founder & CEO

Eng. A. Jaber

CMO & CryptoProject Leader

Dr. A. Whoud

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. M. Khalil

Management Executive

Dr. A. Muneer

LM & Event Manager

Eng. A. Manasra

Chief Partner

Omar Al-Satri

LM Team


Customers aren't bought, Customers come from Word Of Mouth.

I talked to them over live chat and they set me up for a really good deal! till now I haven't had a single downtime!

Riyadh Mosbe, From HostSearch

I use haleserver as a host for my blog because they offered 3 months free hosting before paying to try their awesome host! really blessed with them! will renew and pay... im stickin' to this company.

TheFoodie352, fooodstyle.com

Very pleasant hosting.. I was reached by email by haleserver.. telling me that I can not only sell my electronics locally.. but online internationally.. that caught my eye.. and now im selling a lot online! it's quite good!

amanasra4, mr-phone.net