Priced with care.


One time payment of$30

2D Professional Logo

Standard WordPress Website

SEO Submission

15 Quality High DA Backlinks


One time payment of$499

2D/3D Animated Professional Logo

Custom made HTML/JS/CSS Website (FrontEnd & BackEnd)

5 Daily Backlinks for 1 Month

SEO Submission

XENFORO/IPB License (Free Option)

2 Free Domains


A few questions you might want answered.

No, as this is a service & not a product. By Law #10923 of the MRUA-JO-RU. You'll be allowed your money back before the service has been done.

Yes & No. A Company with the name NovaEmporia (, which is a sister company to HaleServer (So do you get the Yes part? No? HaleServer & NovaEmporia are companies run under one Administration office, but they have very different employees.).