what is shared hosting?

Shared hosting allows multiple websites to utilize a single server. Usually, you’ll have no idea who or what websites you’re sharing the resources of a server with. Each customer will usually have a limit on the total amount of server resources they can use, but this will be defined by your hosting package. For Short: Shared hosting is Web hosting in which the service provider serves pages for multiple Web sites, each having its own Internet domain name, from a single Web server.

How do I upload my website files to the shared web hosting server?

Uploading files onto your website is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Login onto cPanel through your CLIENT AREA on https://billing.haleserver.com
2. Click on File Manager (Search for it on cPanel, if you can eye point it out)
3. navigate to public_html & click upload!
OR! you could go the FTP route! Download FileZilla & enter The
1. Host (your website link without http://www.)
2. Username (your cPanel username (you could create FTP accounts on cPanel))
3. Password(usually cPanel password unless you changed it) AND NOW DRAG & DROP!

What happens after I purchase web hosting?

First off, allow me to thank you for choosing Hale Server! It'll be extremely pleasant having you on board with us!

Now! You paid.. you received your website info over email! What now? Go! Log on cPanel using the info provided to you over email! then if you are a web developer and have your own website ready to be uploaded, go to the File Manager and upload your files to public_html. If not, then you have lots of software available to you on cPanel, for you to have your first website! like Softaculous!

Is MySQL Remote allowed?

Yes And No. What We Mean By That Is: In Silver And Gold Packages Remote MySQL Is Turned Off, While In The Platinum Package It's On.

Money Guarantee?

You Have 14 Days To Request Cancelation Of Your Service(Any Service Except Domain Names(Non-Refundable). You Have To Provide A Reason. To Request Cancelation, You Have To Navigate To The CLIENT AREA, Select Service, Then Finally Request Cancelation.

What is a VPS Server?

A virtual private server (or VPS) is created through a process of virtualization, by which a virtual replica of a physical server is created. A VPS is like having access to your own personal server, one with your own allocated number of resources and a pre-installed operating system of your choice. It is an isolated microsystem based on a shared server. Because it is self contained, you have full control of your server setup, and are responsible both for updates and security. You can also choose to opt for our managed service.

Why do you need a VPS Server?

If you know your site is going to enjoy a high amount of traffic, a VPS is a safer option over shared hosting options. They’re also a great option if you have a number of websites to host and want to enjoy the ability to tweak their setup behind the scenes just the way you like it. A VPS server works hard when it is needed, with burstable memory that kicks in when site traffic picks up. As well as this, you can reap the benefits of dedicated bandwidth, CPU, disk space and RAM. VPS servers remove any limitations, allowing you complete flexibility but we do still some support, should you need it.

How to connect & control to my VPS Server?

You can connect to your VPS either through SSH and PuTTY, or Remote Desktop. & You can control it through your SolusVM control panel!

How many IPv4 Dedicated Addresses do I get?

All systems come automatically configured with 1 dedicated IP address.

Do you provide MySQL DBs?

We do not provide centralised database servers, however creating a MySQL cloud server is quick and simple, giving you full control over your database.

what is a dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a single web hosting environment that’s dedicated to the needs of a single website. This is typically for websites that are large, receive a high volume of traffic, or require a unique hosting setup. In dedicated hosting clients get complete control over their server environment. This allows for complete server customization and is ideal for larger organizations.

How does dedicated hosting work?

With dedicated server hosting, you’re renting an entire physical server. This provides you with unparalleled customization and control over your server environment. Plus, you’ll have access to higher levels of server resources. With a dedicated server, you’ll be able to customize your CPU type, operating system, and the total amount of RAM and storage available.

Managed Dedicated Servers vs Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you’ll essentially be renting a blank server, and customizing it to your liking. You’ll be in charge of technical tasks like server maintenance, security, software updates, and everything else required to keep your server secure and running. With managed dedicated hosting, you’ll typically have a team of experts that will help to setup and manage your dedicated server. You’ll usually have to do some technical tasks yourself, but that list will be much smaller than if you were running an unmanaged dedicated server.

Do you guys provide managed dedicated hosting?

Yes if you require us managing it.. It's an option on ordering! We'll manage it for you giving you a smaller list to do :)